The Enlightened are trained by exclusive monasteries and applicants to this technique must travel far, and earn a measure of respect from the wise elders. Often this requires meditation upon a rock for at least a week without sustenance, or giving way to distractions in the environment. A mystic with true harmony with nature will be ignored by wild beasts and vermin, and no distraction will break his meditation. As their insight grows it takes only hours for them to come to conclusions that might otherwise require days of long study, and eventually they will become impossible to surprise.

You exude harmony. Animals that are not rabid, or controlled will ignore your presence if you do not attack them. This includes creatures such as gnats, flies, ants, and other vermin. You also gain +2 to any test attempting to calm another person.

You can enter a meditative state using an Activate action. While in this state you may not attack or run and your Speed is halved (round down), but you gain a +2 to any Intelligence, Perception or Willpower Ability test you need to attempt. You can also ignore needs such as sustenance and water for a number of days equal to your Willpower.

You have achieved true mastery of meditation, and need not ever sleep. Instead you can gain all rest from your meditative trance, while maintaining full awareness of his surroundings. You may also meditate about the day to gain more insight about the information you have. The GM will allow you to test on a focus of your choice to gain more enlightenment.


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