Imbuement is the path of a Mystic that, although still seeking harmony with the universe, intent upon reflecting their determination and enlightenment on the outside, rather than honing it as pure wisdom and self-discipline. They learn a techniques which, at first, manifest as an impressive unarmed strike. Later they learn to extend it throughout the area, and may make prodigious leaps. Masters of Imbuement are few and far between and impressing these mystics is often an exercise of determination rather than knowledge and self-discipline.

If your Willpower is greater than your target, your unarmed attack cause an additional 1d6 force damage. Your leaping distance is also increased by half again.

You may instead make your unarmed strike nearly impossible to resist. Use an Activate action to prepare the strike. If you succeed at hitting, the target must resist with Strength (Might) versus Willpower (Self-discipline). If you succeed, your target is knocked prone and propelled a
number of yards backwards up to your Willpower. This effect occurs instead of dealing normal damage. You decide how far to push the target.

You may project your martial energy outward from your body in a circular manner. This requires a stomping motion, or a concentrated push with both arms. You make an attack roll as normal, but everything within 2 yards of your position are affected by your attack. Each target affected must test the attack against their own defense as normal. Any stunts may be spent on individual targets unless otherwise stated.


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